Why Are Americans Protesting for Their Right to Die?

The protests against the closures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic are dangerous displays of selfishness and privilege

4 min readApr 19, 2020



Americans all across the U.S. are protesting for their state governments to re-open all businesses that were closed because of the threat COVID-19 presents.

Let me say that again:

Americans are protesting against being instructed to stay home because they believe their rights are being violated. What rights? Apparently, the protesters want the right to get infected and die during a pandemic.

The protestors quarrel should be and is with the federal government for not efficiently providing relief funds to the millions of people that need it. People are scared that they won’t be able to provide for their families and rightfully so- this is a scary-ass time. However, a pandemic is a pandemic. The Coronavirus does not care about the economy. The Coronavirus cannot listen to our reasons for wanting to re-open everything and oblige us.

These are a few quotes from people who attended the protests in Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia over the past few days.

“You can’t buy paint. You can’t buy law-lawn fertilizer or grass seed. I mean c’mon.” (1:20–1:26)

“I’m a freaking American and we need to start acting like it.” (0:17–0:22)

“I didn’t plan for a pandemic, I never put money away for the rainy day. We are opening!” — Bill Bader JR, business owner (1:24–1:31)

“We want the governor to know that we have a voice too and we don’t want to be on lockdown anymore.” (0:39–0:46)

The most ironic quote of all was of a man named Joseph Dixon, who was protesting in Lansing to support Michigan businesses.

Interviewer: Are you concerned about this virus?

Joseph Dixon: I was in the beginning until I’ve done my research and found out the realities and the media’s overreach on it and uh, that it’s not as serious as they made it out to be. (7:08–7:47)

He said that while dressed like this:




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